28 aprile 2020

Specchio dei tempi against Coronavirus: what we are doing for people in need


By Angelo Conti & Francesca Giannotti

Our work to help obstruct the Coronavirus has started on the 9th of March and hasn’t stopped ever since. We have concentrated a great part of our strengths on the healthcare, but here’s what we are doing for those who are most in need.

GROCERY BAGS FOR THE ELDERLY: we have donated 5.400 grocery bags to seniors over 80 years of age, or over 65 with economical difficulties. Together with the logistic help of Crescere 1979 and the Terza Settimana Association we have managed to hand out 93,5 tons of goods. All deliveries have been done following the new regulations in order to keep the elderly safe.

SUPPORT TO THE FAMILIES: in order to help 1.000 families in need, we have activated a program that includes the distribution of grocery bags and gives out an economical support. The beneficiaries have been identified within the indigent families (who have been verified) who have requested for help at our front office (Specchio Point). In the bags we also include a dozen of masks for the family members. Everyday we donate 150 groceries that weigh 20 kilos each. We have already distributed 300 of these in the last two days, for a total of 6 tons of good. We will continue with the donations next week.

“A BREATH FOR TURIN” GRANT: Specchio dei tempi has designated 1.000.000 of euros to support 220 small enterprises (small commercial activities, shops and artisans). Reale Mutua is supporting our project with a contribution of 100.000 euros. The grant is still being defined and will be made public by La Stampa and our social media pages this week.

MOTHERS AND CHILDREN IN NEED: we have already delivered 100 grocery bags to the the 100 single moms that are part of the project “Mothers and children in need”. They are also assisted by a daily support phone line. We have already planned to send a second batch of groceries during the month of May.

SUPPORTING THE HOMELESS: in order to help those without a home, we have  provided Sister Cristina (of Casa Santa Luisa shelter) with a cell-phone for direct assistance. Also, we helped authorize the canopy of the courtyard so that the structure is able to give out food to the poor outside without breaking the rules. Also, we have managed to hand out 500 maks.

SPECCHIO & TECH: we have also activated an online page for the elderly. This landing is continuously updated and explains them, in the most simple way possible, how to use technology equipments in order to help them through this emergency. The link has been shared to all of those senior that our part of our “Computer technology has no age” project organized by Circolo Informatico.

DISTRIBUTION OF FOOD TO THE CAFETERIASMany companies have asked for our help to distribute food to the  cafeterias that welcome those in need. A special thanks goes to Battaglio, Grissifinicio linea Derby, Peyrano, il Buon Riso and Eataly.

PET FOOD DISTRIBUTION: thanks to a generous donation by Morando Pet Food we can deliver pet food to those family who live in desperate situations.

We’ve donated hundreds thousands of masks and other personal protection equipment to the hospitals and other sanitary structures, including retirement homes. We have reached 19 hospitals in total to whom we’ve donated a total  of 144 machineries and furnitures for their reanimation centers.  In the meantime our subscription has reached almost 9 million euros through 13 thousand donations. You can all be part of our team and support Specchio dei tempi by using your credit card on www.specchiodeitempi.org/donate, or through a bank transfer directly on our bank account: Specchio dei tempi, via Lugaro 15, 10126 Torino, IBAN: IT67 L0306909 6061 0000 0117 200, Banca Intesasanpaolo. You can also find us on Global Giving.



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