29 marzo 2020

330.219 of individual protection aid donated in 2 weeks by Specchio dei tempi


By Angelo Conti & Francesca Giannotti

330.219 is the total number of individual protection aid that Specchio dei tempi has donated to the Crisis Unite, Turin’s hospitals, the delegations of the Red Cross and Green Cross, the charitable association and retirement homes. It’s a small but concrete contribution in an ocean filled with requests of help in fighting Covid-19. In the last few weeks we’ve managed to take immediate action by answering to the calls of those in need, and this hasn’t stopped.
To be precise we’ve donated: 24.100 masks, 280.000 latext and vinyle gloves, 22.655 shoe covers, 2582 water-resistant and single use coats, 882 bottles of sanitizing gel. Together with over dozens of oximeters, thermometers and stethoscopes too. These are only some of the materials that we managed to supply. Some Hospitals in Piedmont have also received vanguard machineries necessary to cure the patience affected with the virus. These include: 2 CT scans and d ozens of pulmonary ultrasound machines and monitors for the reanimation units. These supplies have become very difficult to allocate due to the humongous request on the market. The orders have been coordinated with Cina and Poland, together with Ucraine and Holland.
In addition to this work, we cannot forget about the grocery bags for the elderly (we are reaching a range of 4500 people), the support for the single mothers, the delivery of pet food, the sanitizing kits for 160 schools and e-learning platforms. 
New initiatives will be taking place in the next few days in relation to the resources that we have at our disposal. Up to today, we have reached 7.665.827 euros, through the help of 9.733 donators.

It’s a very difficult time, but everyone can help Specchio. Donations can be done by Paypal or credit card on our website here, or through bank transit by registering it to Specchio dei tempi, via Lugaro 15, 10126 Torino, IBAN: IT67 L0306909 6061 0000 0117 200, Banca Intesasanpaolo; BIC/Swift: BCITITMM, or on the Global Giving platform.


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