Specchio dei tempi Covid, Airbnb & GlobalGiving donated 75 thousand dollars
26 August 2021

Covid, Airbnb & GlobalGiving donated 75 thousand dollars

Historically, Specchio dei tempi has always owed Turin and readers of La Stampa newspaper, due to their affection and interest in the projects of the Foundation for over 66 years. More recently, since the central Italy earthquake in 2016 and during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Specchio had a chance to attract international donors who supported Italy in the darkest hours.

Airbnb belongs to this category. Through our international partner GlobalGiving, an American non-profit that provides the biggest and most important global crowdfunding platform, Airbnb granted Specchio $75,000 in June 2021. This extraordinary contribution testifies the credit of our Foundation beyond national borders and even on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. The reputation was already rooted in 2016, when GlobalGiving started supporting Specchio after the center Italy earthquake.

Now, the Airbnb Community Fund has selected 150 organizations from over 40 countries to help in the post-pandemic recovery, as an initial step of an ambitious plan: $100 million distributed in 10 years. The Airbnb Host Community has selected all the organizations for their dedication to fighting the Covid-19. Specchio has been picked in consideration of its tremendous impact on the area. Indeed, our Foundation will use this meaningful endowment to stand by people whose lives became more painful due to the pandemic, asking now for prompt and concrete help: the lonely elderly, needy families, small businesses, and hospitals. This is what we have always done, especially during disasters and emergencies. Now, we will do it with additional resources: thank you, Airbnb, and thank you, GlobalGiving.

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