Specchio dei tempi Fundraising for Ukraine exceeds €500,000
11 March 2022

Fundraising for Ukraine exceeds €500,000

Over 505,000 euro raised from 2,215 donors. This is the picture, updated to yesterday evening, of the subscription launched by Specchio dei tempi (with the support of its national brand Specchio d’Italia). Among the curiosities is the accomplishment of the province of Cuneo with over 500 donations.

Support activities for refugee families are intense. Yesterday morning, Specchio distributed economic aid to the first 8 families. This aid can be requested through the filter of the Ukrainian Consulate in Turin on +39 011 0230075.

Last night, a 9-seater minibus that had travelled as far as Lviv, Ukraine, returned to Turin. This was thanks to the courage of an entrepreneur, Massimo Orlando, who offered to drive the vehicle. In the middle of the night, the minibus carrying 54 refugees also arrived, having left Sunday night from the Polish border. The journey was organised in collaboration with Arca Solidale.

All Specchio buses and minibuses leave fully loaded. On board are mainly foodstuffs with a long shelf life, hygiene products, mattresses, cots, pillows, medicines and various medical supplies (with particular demand for syringes, bandages, plasters and disinfectants). There are two main destinations: the village of Korczowa in the Polish province of Javroslaw (one and a half kilometres from the Ukrainian border) and the town of Sivet in northern Romania. Here, Specchio dei tempi is collaborating to set up a second reception camp.

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