Specchio dei tempi Haiti earthquake, containers sent out with medical supplies and basic...
12 November 2021

Haiti earthquake, containers sent out with medical supplies and basic necessities

In Haiti the situation remains critical. A very poor country, moreover with vast territories controlled by criminal gangs, it is unable to recover after the earthquake of August 15th. The approximately 2,500 dead have been buried, but there are still hundreds of injured in need of treatment and therapy. What’s more, there is the great poverty that the earthquake made more serious and frightening.

Specchio dei tempi and Specchio d’Italia were immediately close to these people that we know well having worked there also after the 2010 earthquake (when we renovated the operating theatres of the Saint Camille Hospital in Port-Au-Prince), thanks to the 88,000 euros raised in a few weeks.

Now we want to continue to help these people and on Friday 29 October we will send a large container full of sanitary equipment, personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, leggings, gowns) as well as rice, diapers and canned goods. Anyone can help us with a donation (even companies that want to make their products available), to make this shipment and those that will follow more prominent.

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Haiti Earthquake
Immediate help for the injured and the poorest