Specchio dei tempi Haiti earthquake, what we have done in a month and...
15 September 2021

Haiti earthquake, what we have done in a month and what we will do

Angelo Conti

A month ago there was the Haiti earthquake. The toll is for everyone to see: 2,500 dead, at least four times as many injured, tens of thousands homeless, 500 people still missing. Specchio dei tempi moved immediately: we know the poverty of that island, having worked there for a long time in 2010 after another catastrophic earthquake. We also know the great difficulties of that health system (almost non-existent) and of the road network, already precarious but collapsed after the tremors.

We asked our supporters to help us with three objectives: to support the Saint Camille hospital in Port Au Prince, to help the reconstruction of Jeremee (the most affected centre on the west coast), to be close to the many children of this land who in the face of disasters need all kinds of support. Although the world (and all the media) was above all watching Afghanistan in those days, many responded to our appeal.

So, up to today, together with the Specchio d’Italia foundation, we have raised 73,547 euros from 493 donors. Of this sum, 40,000 euros have already been used in the field for first aid. This phase of the intervention has been carried out in close collaboration with the Camillian fathers who have been working in that country for years, some of whom are Piedmontese.

Now we aim to support, with the remaining 33,547 euros and with what we will still be able to collect, the reconstruction of homes (a house, capable of accommodating a large family, costs between 7 and 9 thousand euros over there) and help schools, so as to bring parents and children closer to a normal life as quickly as possible.

There is still a lot to do in Haiti. If you can, please continue to give us a hand


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