Specchio dei tempi Covid, Lavazza donates 200 thousand euros to help little companies
11 March 2021

Covid, Lavazza donates 200 thousand euros to help little companies

The Lavazza group doubles the amount available for the Specchio dei Tempi tender in favour of micro-activities in Turin and its province, in difficulty due to the pandemic. The budget for the project therefore rises to 400,000 euros and so it will be possible to offer a contribution of 2,000 euros to 200 small businesses. The company had already been close to Specchio dei tempi last spring when it made an important donation towards the many activities carried out in support of dozens of hospitals, hundreds of public assistance services and thousands of families in difficulty.

Now the grip of Covid has returned to make itself felt and Specchio has returned to the field: its invitation to organizations and companies immediately found the positive response of Lavazza who underlined, by illustrating their intervention, the need to support above all those activities that are found in the most difficult neighbourhoods of the city, where the growth of poverty related to the pandemic appears more evident and more cruel. Companies from Turin and its province with revenues of up to 40,000 euros in 2019 can participate in the tender. It is necessary to fill in the form available online here, provide the required documentation as well as a brief description of the activity and difficulties encountered during the pandemic. There is time until midnight on Monday 22 March.

Distribution in one month

The ranking, at the sole discretion of a commission appointed by Specchio dei tempi, will be completed by Easter and bank transfers will begin to be sent from 6 April. The entire operation will therefore be completed within one month. With this intervention, the small businesses supported by Specchio dei Tempi (and its national brand Specchio d’Italia) will rise to over 700 in four Italian cities: Turin, Cuneo, Sassari and Venice. For an overall total of donations close to 2.5 million euros.

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