9 luglio 2020

Intelligent Change, how the US-made “positive agendas” helped Specchio dei tempi


More than three thousand and five hundred euros from America to help Piedmont during Covid-19. This is the amount that Intelligent Change, an American company who crafts marvellous agendas to improve our lives and daily routines, had collected and donated to Fondazione Specchio dei tempi.

During the emergency, Intelligent Change, offered their “positive agendas” discounted, to allow those who have been most severely affected to afford them. Besides, this generous company also offered 10% of its revenues to four non-profit organizations. Among this group, Specchio dei Tempi was the only Italian aid organization to obtain the trust and generosity of this American company.

Fondazione La Stampa – Specchio dei Tempi has been facing emergencies for over 60 years, dealing with social issues both nationally and internationally. Conversely, this year, helps came from abroad. Probably for the love that our country and its inhabitants arouse throughout the world. As a result, thanks to our international donors from 67 countries, we raised over 10 million with which we were able to help our health facilities, families, schools and small businesses during the emergency of Coronavirus.


Specchio dei tempi’s commitment against Covid
La Stampa Foundation- Specchio dei tempi is supported by the solidarity of the readers of the newspaper La Stampa and the citizens of Turin. Since 9 March it has been involved in the Coronavirus emergency: over 10 million euros has been collected, with almost 16 thousand donations from all over the world. These resources are converted into concrete and immediate assistance on a daily basis: 1.2 million protective devices for health workers; 150 medical machines and equipment donated to hospitals in Piedmont; tablets, sanitizing kits and online teaching platforms for schools; subsidies for small businesses in Turin and Cuneo. And shopping for thousands of elderly people and families in difficulty, distributed first in Turin and now throughout Italy.

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