14 marzo 2020

Reached over € 650k: more materials and equipment orders have been placed


WE’VE REACHED € 650 k. 3183 is the number of our supports that in these last few days have donated through the subscription dedicated to fight the Covid-19. This morning the fundraising has reached € 656.510 K. These resources, as we’ve always done since the beginning of our activity 65 years ago, have been immediately invested in concreted help. Yesterday we have concentrated our strengths on the Mauriziano Hospital. Two deals were closed to receive machineries for the Reanimation unite and the ER: paramedical monitors and advanced technology pulmonary ultrasound machines will help the doctors with the critic cases. This expense rounds up to €120,000. In addition, orders for the machineries for the Molinette hospitals have been placed too.

An amazing job was also done today in trying to find supplies for personal protection for the doctors and nurses that work in first line, that as we know have become extremely rare to find. We’ve managed to close several deals for supplies of high protection masks, gloves, visors and gels that will be arriving in the next few days. In the meantime today, we managed to deliver to the Mauriziano and the Amedeo di Savoia 500 water-repellent coats each.

In the social sphere we started to deliver the shopping bags that Specchio dei tempi is donating to 500 elderly people in Turin. These people are forced to face these days alone and thanks to this this initiative they can avoid leaving the house and reduce the risk of infection.


It’s a very difficult time, but everyone can help Specchio. Donations can be done by credit card on our website www.specchiodeitempi.org/donate, or through bank transit by registering it to Specchio dei tempi, via Lugaro 15, 10126 Torino, IBAN: IT67 L0306909 6061 0000 0117 200, Banca Intesasanpaolo; BIC/Swift: BCITITMM, or on the Global Giving platform.
Info: www.specchiodeitempi.org/covid19


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