27 aprile 2020

Specchio dei tempi against Covid19: what we are doing for the schools


By Angelo Conti & Francesca Giannotti 

Specchio dei tempi strongly believes in the importance of education, this is why since the beginning of its days it is active in this sector.  Throughout the years Specchio has rebuilt up to 26 schools around the world and it is used to support the education systems during difficult times with concrete and immediate help. So lets get down to the facts. This is what we are doing in this time of emergency.

SANITIZING KITS: Since the beginning of March we have distributed 165 free sanitizing kits (for a value of 500€ each) to 165 schools of Turin and in the piedmont Region.

DIGITAL SCHOOLS: Specchio dei tempi has bought 759 tablets, with their own sim card, that will be designated to children and families that live in situations of poverty and have difficulties with the e-learning programs. Up to 250 have already been distributed while the rest will be given out in the next 10 days. With this project we aim to cover up to 15 schools.

LONG DISTANCE TEACHING: through the use of a e-learning platforms we are offering a program (together with the Agnelli Foundation and Reale Mutua) that will allow the children to follow their classes online and have one-to-one lessons with their tutors.

SAVING THE KIDS: the funds for the historical project financed by Specchio dei tempi, and put into action together with the Association Lorenzo Grco Onlus, have been reallocated. We’ve created an online platform where all the major rescue practices are illustrated. These course are held by a pediatrician and also focus on how the children live their lives now that they are forced to spend their days at home.

BILLBOARDS AND ANTI-COVID EQUIPMENT: Starting the first week of May Specchio dei tempi will be delivering to 150 schools all the sanitary materials (such as sanitizing dispensers) requested by the regulation. Billboards with the new regulations will also be supplied.

All the other projects proceed regularly. We’ve donated hundreds thousands of masks and other personal protection equipment to the hospitals and other sanitary structures, including retirement homes.. We have reached 19 hospitals in total to whom we’ve donated a total  of 144 machineries and furnitures for their reanimation centers.
In the meantime our subscription has reached almost 9 million euros through 13 thousand donations. You can all be part of our team and support Specchio dei tempi by using your credit card on www.specchiodeitempi.org/donate, or through a bank transfer directly on our bank account: Specchio dei tempi, via Lugaro 15, 10126 Torino, IBAN: IT67 L0306909 6061 0000 0117 200, Banca Intesasanpaolo. You can also find us on Global Giving.


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