6 aprile 2020

Specchio fighting Covid: 8,2 million raised from nearly 12.000 donors


By Angelo Conti & Francesca Giannotti

Day 26 from the launch of the subscription from Specchio dei tempi: the numbers are incredible 8.199.820 euros from 11.570 donors. But the greatest numbers that count are the ones of the interventions that took place in these last weeks: 512.000 DPI materials were delivered to over 50 hospitals, different public sanitary structures, associations, retirement homes and volunteer firehouses. Specchio dei tempi has also donated  equipments, machineries and furnitures to the reanimations and ER units of 16 hospitals in Turin, and the piedmont Region, for a total of 146 materials. On top, the Local Nation Healthcare units have been disposed of our Specchiobus: a Ducato Maxi van equipped of two clinics that can be used in case of emergency and will serve to take new tampons.

Yesterday we didn’t stop either. We’ve reached new realities in and outside Turin: Piossasco Red Cross, Pinerolo Green Cross, the Santa Rita of Turin, Bianchi di Cumiana and Luserna San Giovanni retirement homes, the rehabilitation community in Pinerolo and Val Pellice. The White Cross of Rivalta, the White Cross of Volpianese, the Sant’Anna Hospital and the Red Cross and Firemen’s House of Carignano. Today we have planned new deliveries and new work and new installations in agenda for these upcoming days. One big new delivery will be the new CT scan for the Martini Hospital, scheduled for next week.

Our distribution of free grocery bags with good for the elderly over 80 will continue as always in these next weeks.

It’s a very difficult time, but everyone can help Specchio. Donations can be done by Paypal or credit card on our website here, or through bank transit by registering it to Specchio dei tempi, via Lugaro 15, 10126 Torino, IBAN: IT67 L0306909 6061 0000 0117 200, Banca Intesasanpaolo; BIC/Swift: BCITITMM, or on the Global Giving platform.



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