The best Ways To Support Italy During The Coronavirus Crisis

Coronavirus in Italy: donations for Italian hospitals

How to help Italy during the Covid-19 pandemic

Right now, during this crisis, Specchio dei tempi is more than present with a subscription to help the hospitals, the schools and the vulnerable section of our population, both in Turin and in the Piedmont Region.

We are in constant touch with the institutions, Italian red Cross included, and the Crisis Unit in order to collaborate together to satisfy all the incoming requests from the different structures in the Piedmont region.This is why helping our foundation is the best way to support Italy during the Coronavirus Crisis.




You can all be part of this project and help by securely donating online in favor of “Coronavirus Emergency – Fund 112”. You can also donate by credit card on our website, or with a bank transfer on our account: Specchio dei tempi, via Lugaro 15, 10126 Turin, BIC/Swift: BCITITMM  IBAN: IT67 L0306909 6061 0000 0117 200, Banca Intesasanpaolo.

What do we do with your donation?

Money raised is spent on 3 main activities:

  • professional medical equipments for ERs and hospitals (e.g. lung ventilators, monitoring systems, modules and equipped carts for the intensive care unit, multi-parameters modules, etc.)
  • assistance to 1050 elderly with physical and economical issues that are forced to face this time alone
  • long-distance teaching projects for pupils of all ages that are missing from school for weeks 


Donate to GlobalGiving to support Italy during Coronavirus Crisis

Looking for a safe and easy way to support us? GlobalGiving is one of the best way to support Italy during Coronavirus Crisis. You can all be part of this project and help by securely donating online in favor of “Coronavirus Emergency – Fund 112” through Global Giving. You can follow the instruction here!


About Specchio dei tempi

For the last 65 years la Fondazione La Stampa – Specchio dei tempi has always worked in order to concretely help those in need. The Foundation, born from a column of La Stampa, one of main Italian newspapers, has always intervened in different areas such as poverty, the elderly, education, healthcare and natural disasters.

The ability of Specchio dei tempi to immediately take action is its major strength. In Italy we are in the middle of an emergency due to the Covid-19 that is rapidly spreading throughout the territory.

Specchio dei tempi is present with a subscription to help our hospitals and our schools in this delicate time.


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