The Board of Directors of Specchio dei tempi expresses its gratitude

Dear Donors,

as you know for 65 years  the Foundation has always taken action in case of natural disasters and emergencies. On the 9th of March we opened a subscription to raise money to help in the Coronavirus Emergency, and to respond to all the numerous requests that have arrived from the hospitals and sanitary structures of the Region by supplying them with machineries and personal protection equipment form local and international suppliers, managing to deal with all the bureaucratic issues.

At over 60 days from our announcement, we have raised over 9 million of euros and therefore feel the necessity to tell you more on our work.


We delivered over 1 million PPE materials to over one hundred sanitary structures including hospitals, red crosses, associasiation ad retirement homes Turin and the Piedmont region..

We have donated 64 machineries including 2 CT scans, 41 beds and 27 pieces of furniture for the Intensive Care Unit to 19 hospitals in Turin.

We rented an airplane to fly in team of 38 doctors and nurses from Cuba to help us here in Turin.

The “Save the children” project was brought online, where parents are in contact with a pediatrician to learn about different pathologies.

We’ve lent our SpecchioBus, with two mobile clinics, to the Local Health Authorities.


100 moms from our “Mothers & children in need” program have been helped with an economical support, together with 400 grocery bags filled with goods.

We’ve donated 5450 grocery bags to the elderly over 65 years of age. In total we have distributed 93 tons of fresh and household goods.

We are currently helping over 1.000 families in need by delivering groceries and giving an economical help. We aim to sustain 2.000 families.

Thanks to the generosity of numerous food brands, we managed to deliver tons of alimentary goods.

We have launched “A Breath for Turin”, a grand that designates 1.100.000 of euros to support 220 small enterprises in order to help them in the restart phase.


We have delivered sanitizing kits to 167 schools in Turin and Piedmont.

750 tablets, with their own sim card, have been donated to to the schools to help the children of the families in need to stay connected.

Together with the Agnelli Foundation we have connected 50 schools to an e-platform in order for the children to continue with their programs..

200 billboards with the new safety regulations are being donates to schools and public structures.

This has all been possible thanks to the over 14.000 donations that we have received, whom almost 700 come from over 60 different countries.

We wish to thank all of you, from the bottom of our hearts
for having responded to our call with this great amount of generosity. We would like to thank you one by one, but this isn’t possible, this is why we dedicate to you this page.

Especially our volunteers. Who have shared our strain from both the field and from home.

Thank you to the doctors and the managers of the Local Health Authorities, the hospitals and nurses
that have supplied us with specific requests, and have made it possible for us to help them immediately, without loosing time or money.

Thank you to Angelo, Anna, Carla, Franco, Francesca, Lodovico, Lucia C., Lucia G., Marta and Maurizio:
the team of Specchio dei tempi that in the last 60 days has passionately committed to this operation.

Specchio dei tempi has already thought of new projects and interventions for the second phase that will involve helping the weak bound of society.
This is why we invite you to stand with us and not stop supporting our mission.

Once again thank you for your precious, irreplaceable and devoted help.

The Board of Directors of la Fondazione La Stampa – Specchio dei tempi

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