Specchio dei tempi Back to Hargheisa: supporting the children’s hospital
6 May 2022

Back to Hargheisa: supporting the children’s hospital

Specchio dei tempi returns to Hargeisa, back to Somaliland, back to its paediatric hospital built in 2013. At that time, thanks to funds from La Stampa’s subscription against famine in the Horn of Africa, it was possible to create, with the help of MAS Onlus (the organisation created specifically to operate in that difficult country), a small but great undertaking: a 50-bed paediatric hospital in one of the poorest areas of the African continent.

After running it for three years, as agreed with the local government, the management of the structure was transferred to the local Ministry of Health, but in recent months, also due to the return of a very serious famine, the emergency has returned. And so, with Medacross (the non-profit organisation, very close to Specchio dei tempi which replaced the old Mas Onlus), we are back in the field, with an initial allocation of over 55,000 euro.

We are back there to save the lives of so many children. In a country where a tablet of Imodium and a bag of physiological saline can really decide the lives of young patients. We do it with our usual determination, to build, to stay and to give a concrete hand.

We have already started an aid programme for the children living in the 12 refugee camps surrounding Hargeisa and, with the Somaliland Ministry of Health, we have already decided on an important structural intervention in the hospital’s Neonatology.

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