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We transform your generosity into immediate help

For 65 years, every euro donated to Specchio dei tempi has been transformed into practical and immediate projects in support of those who suffer. We believe in rapidity: we know that when there is an emergency it is not enough to do good, you have to do it quickly. And we know that emergencies are not just earthquakes and floods: even shopping can become difficult for a family left without work with an empty fridge.

We believe in transparency and since 1955 we have been telling all about our solidarity initiatives step by step. How they are born, who finances them, how we spend the money we receive. What dreams we have and what needs we listen to at our branches. Thousands of people come to us to ask for help, every month. Thousands more to give.

We believe that every penny is fundamental and we always respect the will of our supporters: their passion for a specific intervention, their desire for privacy, their joy of giving and sharing.

For this reason we have always collected and published the messages we receive together with the offers. They are words full of love, which make those who suffer feel less alone and make us work with even more enthusiasm and more responsibility. We have 65 active projects in Turin, Italy and worldwide, a miracle made possible every day by the generosity of donors from 70 countries. We like to say thank you and we never tire of asking: help us to help!

How we use your offers
Since 1955 we have been supporting schools, hospitals, needy families and victims of calamities.
85active projects
Our commitment in Turin, in Italy and worldwide.
576thousand helped people
Every year we are close to children, the elderly, mothers and the sick.
Tax benefits
For all donations, except cash, there are tax breaks.
The benefits are even stronger for projects against Covid-19: 30% deductions for individuals and 100% deductions for businesses.
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Your help is essential
Since 1955, we have been giving hope to those who suffer with immediate and concrete projects in Turin, in Italy and in the world: when there is an emergency, we are always there.
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