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Covid donations, all the companies that fight with us

Turin and Piedmont have a heart. A heart that beats faster when there is a battle to face. Specchio dei tempi has always known this but it has been confirmed in recent months in the fight against Covid-19. Thus the dozens of aid donations received from Piedmontese companies represent a great responsibility for the foundation and a precious resource for the territory.

From the millions in donations from Lavazza and the Agnelli family companies (Exor, FCA, Juventus), to the contributions of historic brands such as Reale Mutua, Cassa di Risparmio di Asti Group, Vodafone Foundation, Crt Foundation, up to the support of Autocentauro, Di Viesto Group , Battaglio and dozens of Piedmontese excellences: every euro entrusted to Specchio dei tempi has always been transformed into immediate interventions in favour of the weakest parts of the population.

Tax advantages and tailor-made projects: why help us

There are strong tax advantages for those who support the Specchio dei tempi initiatives against Coronavirus: interventions in favour of the health system, the poorest families, schools and small businesses in difficulty. Not only that because the law provides relief for any liberal donation in favour of one of the 65 projects that the non-profit organisation carries out in Turin, in Italy and in the world. Every year many companies decide to donate the amount allocated to Christmas gifts to the Foundation and Specchio uses these funds for the Thirteenth Salary of Friendship, a historic subscription in favour of the poorest and loneliest elderly.

Do you want to help us? Our staff can study a tailor-made project for your company.

How we use your offers
Since 1955 we have been supporting schools, hospitals, needy families and victims of calamities.
85active projects
Our commitment in Turin, in Italy and worldwide.
576thousand helped people
Every year we are close to children, the elderly, mothers and the sick.
Tax benefits
For all donations, except cash, there are tax breaks.
The benefits are even stronger for projects against Covid-19: 30% deductions for individuals and 100% deductions for businesses.
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Companies that have already decided to support us:

  • Azienda Lavazza
  • Azienda Exor
  • Azienda FCA
  • Azienda Juventus
  • Azienda Reale Foundation
  • Azienda Gruppo Cassa di Risparmio di Asti
  • Azienda Reale Group Togethermore
  • Azienda Battaglio
  • Azienda Autocentauro
  • Azienda Fondazione CRT
  • Azienda Vodafone
  • Azienda Confartigianato Imprese
  • Azienda Banca Alpi Marittime Credito cooperativo Carrù
  • Azienda CRF
  • Azienda Banca CRS Banca Cassi di Risparmio di Savigliano S.p.A.
  • Azienda EGEA Energie del territorio
  • Banca d'Alba Credito Cooperativo
  • Azienda OMT
  • Azienda Mottura
  • Azienda Gruppo di Viesto
  • Azienda Mottura
  • Azienda AIDP
  • Azienda Seta S.p.A
  • Azienda Penta nutrizione integrata
  • Azienda Xerjoff Italian Luxury Perfume
  • Azienda Morando La storia del pet food in italia
  • Azienda 2a Divisione Fonderie
  • Azienda Il buon riso dal 1949
  • Azienda Grissinificio Derby bontà naturali
  • Azienda EATALY alti cibi
  • Azienda Nexive
  • Azienda Bricks ristorante pizza
  • Azienda Delfin Vacuums
  • Azienda Travel Film School
  • Azienda Via Lattea
  • Azienda One day for fitness
  • Hotjar
  • LU-VE Group
  • Iveco
  • Supermercato Borello
  • Gerla 1927
  • Teatro Colosseo
  • Merula
  • Azienda Celly designed in Milano
  • Azienda Agri Berroni
  • Azienda Peyrano Torino
  • Azienda Jack Plaza 13th
  • Azienda Mens Security Thinkers

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Your help is essential
Since 1955, we have been giving hope to those who suffer with immediate and concrete projects in Turin, in Italy and in the world: when there is an emergency, we are always there.
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