Specchio dei tempi Floods in Piedmont: how to help Italy
6 October 2020

Floods in Piedmont: how to help Italy

Specchio dei tempi has always helped the Piedmont population, especially during the most difficult times. La Stampa Foundation has in fact decided to open a new subscription in favour of the citizens of the areas that have been struck, on the 2nd and 3rd October, by the violents floods.

For the Foundation this is a sad tradition as, back in 1994, we raised over 25 billions of Italian liras to help the flood victims of the area of Tanaro.

Once the subscription was launched, the response from private individuals has been quick and extremely generous. In addition, the Foundation has made available 50,000 euros, this will make sure that the first interventions can be done in the next hours. In the meantime, the first site inspections have been done in the different territories and we have located a series of possible interventions that can be done. The final decision will be also determined by the result of the fundraising that is currently open.

We will pay particular attention to the schools and communities, in order to help the social life and the community to get back on their feet.

Some of these areas aren’t new to Specchio: in Ceva for example, we are considering the reconstruction of the Training Centre and the kindergarden, both taken away from the flood. Including the reconstruction of the Tanaro pedestrian bridge, which was reconstructed by specchio back in 1994.

We are considering to intervene in the multi structure in the Gurei Park where the civil protection has the headquarters. Garessio is also an area of interest, as many commercial businesses have been destroyed by the water.

We are also willing to help the Pollicino playground of Ormea (known as “the children’s city”) and the nearby camping area. At Limone Piedmont we wish to help reconstruct the central roman road, heart of the city.

In order to do all of these things we need your help. You can donate online just here or on our Global Giving project.

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