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Assign your 5x1000 to Specchio dei tempi

To help us write our Fiscal Code on your tax return

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Also this year, those who pay taxes in Italy will have to submit a tax return. We would like to ask you, when signing the destination of the 5 per mille contribution to think about everything Specchio dei tempi has done, is doing and above all will do to overcome the Coronavirus Emergency.

All you have to do is write our fiscal code number 97507260012 to continue being with us. Since the beginning of March, we have been on the front line every day to supply hospitals, rest homes, public services, with dozens of pieces of machinery and over one million items of individual protection. We are donating over 17,000 food packages to families in need in Turin, Piedmont and five other regions. We are helping schools, supplying tablets to the neediest pupils and to institutions, sanitizing kits and tools to support distance learning. And to encourage the recovery of companies, we have allocated over 400 subsidies to small businesses in Turin, Cuneo and Sassari.

We receive dozens of requests for help every day and we cannot stop: we need your signature to continue to give hope.

Did you know?

  • The amount you have to pay does not change by one cent, because the destination of the 5x1000 does not affect it in any way
  • Even if you do not sign, you will still pay your 5x1000 but the fee will remain with the State
  • If you sign in a box of 5x1000 but do not express preferences, your 5x1000 will be distributed among all the beneficiaries, proportionally
  • In addition to the 5x1000, you can allocate the 8x1000 to the Church (denominations and religious beliefs) by signing in the appropriate section and the 2x1000 to political parties. These choices are not alternatives and therefore do not affect the destination of the 5x1000: for example, if you decide to entrust the 8x1000 to the Church, and the 2x1000 to your favourite party, you can donate your 5x1000 to Specchio dei tempi without additional charges

How do you do it?

When you are preparing your tax return, in the section “Scheda per la scelta della destinazione del 5 per mille della tua imposta” ("Card for choosing the destination of the 5 per thousand of your tax") enter the tax code of the La Stampa-Specchio dei tempi Foundation CF. 97507260012 and sign the appropriate box.

The 5x1000 of your income tax will go to our projects.

How we use your offers
Since 1955 we have been supporting schools, hospitals, needy families and victims of calamities.
65active projects
Our commitment in Turin, in Italy and worldwide.
33thousand helped people
Every year we are close to children, the elderly, mothers and the sick.
Tax benefits
For all donations, except cash, there are tax breaks.
The benefits are even stronger for projects against Covid-19: 30% deductions for individuals and 100% deductions for businesses.
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Contributions received from public administrations and equivalent subjects pursuant to Law 4 August 2017, n.124 - article 1, paragraphs 125-129 (according to the operational indications of Circular n.2 / 2019 - Ministry of Labour and Social Policies):

Name and tax code of the recipient Name of provider Sum received Date of receipt Reason
FONDAZIONE LA STAMPA SPECCHIO DEI TEMPI ONLUS - 97507260012 Agenzia delle Entrate 131.317,36 07/08/2019 5 per mille 2017
FONDAZIONE LA STAMPA SPECCHIO DEI TEMPI ONLUS - 97507260012 Agenzia delle Entrate 126.411,49 16/08/2018 5 per mille 2016
FONDAZIONE LA STAMPA SPECCHIO DEI TEMPI ONLUS - 97507260012 Agenzia delle Entrate 146.765,03 29/08/2017 5 per mille 2015

For complete information on the 5x1000 2020 deadline visit the Agenzia delle Entrate website.

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Since 1955, we have been giving hope to those who suffer with immediate and concrete projects in Turin, in Italy and in the world: when there is an emergency, we are always there.
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