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Coronavirus Emergency - Fund 112

Coronavirus Emergency - Fund 112Coronavirus Emergency - Fund 112Coronavirus Emergency - Fund 112Coronavirus Emergency - Fund 112Coronavirus Emergency - Fund 112Coronavirus Emergency - Fund 112Coronavirus Emergency - Fund 112Coronavirus Emergency - Fund 112Coronavirus Emergency - Fund 112Coronavirus Emergency - Fund 112


It’s an emergency, and like during every emergency Specchio dei tempi is present. The Foundation of La Stampa, an ONLUS that has been active for 65 years in Italy and throughout world, has launched a subscription to help fight the Coronavirus. Up to today we have raised almost 9 million euros with the help of over 14 thousand donations that include the multimillion contributions received by Lavazza and the Agnelli Family. All of these resources have immediately been invested to help the hospitals, the elderly and the families in distress.

In order to support the healthcare sector we have donated two CT scans to the Amedeo di Savoia and the Martini Hospital of Turin, they are both functioning. In addition, over 160 vanguard machineries and equipment have been gifted to the reanimation units and ERs of 19 hospitals. In order to keep doctors, nurses and volunteers, who operate in first line, safe we have delivered 1 million of PPEs and instruments. 
To be precise, ffp2 masks, surgical masks, gloves, boots, gowns, headgear caps, visors, disinfectant containers, sleeves, ear plugs, kits, earphones, pulse oximeters, thermometers, pulse oximeters, otoscopes. Also distributed 25 ipads to allow communications between resuscitation patients and relatives. Everyday new requests come in from the different units and associations of the entire Piedmont Region. Consequently, our search for materials doesn’t stop, even in this arduous marketplace.
Specchio dei tempi has also contributed to pay the flight of a Cuban medical task force of 38 doctors and nurses arrived to help Turin's hospitals.

In order to help the weak bands, the Foundation La Stampa - Specchio dei tempi is delivering 5.400 grocery bags (for a value of 40 euros each that include fresh products too) to the seniors over the 80 years of age, and the elderly in economical difficulty. Contemporarily we are also supporting the single moms that have to face this time alone. Together with the nuns we are also helping the homeless. But this is not it. We are also developing a new project, that will take place during the recovery phase, with the goal to economically support 3000 families in the Piedmont Region.

Specchio dei tempi is also present in the education sector. We have already delivered sanitizing kits to 165 schools. Also, Specchio gave access to to e-learning platforms to 50 schools (a project that is also supported by the Agnelli Foundation and Reale Foundation), and are distributing hundreds of tablets to the institutes that have requested them in order to help those students that are having difficulties.
Everyday, our projects are told on the pages of La Stampa, and also illustrated on our website and social media pages.

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