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Become a digital volunteer for Specchio dei tempi

The best way to help Specchio dei tempi is to do digital volunteering: that is, to spread the word on the web and thus support our fundraising.

Everyday we tell all our projects on Facebook, on Instagram, on our site and on La Stampa: in this way people can understand how we are using donations and get involved by the extraordinary wave of solidarity of Specchio dei tempi.

We therefore ask you to help us networking: your posts on social networks, your emails, your Whatsapp messages to friends and acquaintances are invaluable tools to help Specchio dei tempi. We leave you some links below, to explain where you can find, on our site, the constantly updated contents to share.

♥ On our home page you will always find the updated donation count.

♥ In the English part of our site you can find a page where we explain who we are, how to donate and recent news.

♥ On you can donate to find Covid19: it's super easy: it only takes a click!

♥ Sign up for our newsletter: you will receive our updates on projects and news.

How we use your offers
Since 1955 we have been supporting schools, hospitals, needy families and victims of calamities.
65active projects
Our commitment in Turin, in Italy and worldwide.
33thousand helped people
Every year we are close to children, the elderly, mothers and the sick.
Tax benefits
For all donations, except cash, there are tax breaks.
The benefits are even stronger for projects against Covid-19: 30% deductions for individuals and 100% deductions for businesses.
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Your help is essential
Since 1955, we have been giving hope to those who suffer with immediate and concrete projects in Turin, in Italy and in the world: when there is an emergency, we are always there.
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