Specchio dei tempi Always on the front line & almost 7.5 millions reached
26 March 2020

Always on the front line & almost 7.5 millions reached

Angelo Conti & Francesca Giannotti

The last two weeks have been extremely challenging but thanks to your help we’ve been able to reach great milestones: almost 7.5 million of euros through the help of 9000 donors form Italy and abroad. Our country is more united than ever, but the support and love that we receive everyday from our friends from over 50 countries is overwhelming.

Thanks to your contributions we managed to deliver thousand of DPI materials such as gloves, goggles, masks, shoe covers, coats and sanitizing gels to great part of the hospitals in Turin and Piedmont Region. Equipments such as thermometers, oximers, stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers have also been ordered and will be donated soon. We’ve also delivered materials to the children’s hospital, the Regina Margherita. In the past Specchio has restructured 4 units of this medical structure. During this harsh time, we feel it is essential that our kids are kept safe.

This week  we have also delivered a moving CT scan that has arrived from Poland to the Amedeo di Savoia hospital. This machine has been rented for a period of three months and will certainly help the doctors to cure the patients affected by Covid-19. Professor Giovanni Di Perri, head of the Amedeo di Savoia, states: “We are deeply moved by the generosity and promptness of the Foundation. This machine will be a great ally in helping us cure the patients”.

Other hospitals that have received machineries and equipment in these last few days are: the Mauriziano, Molinette, Giovanni Bosco, Cottolengo, Martini, together with the Green Cross and the Regional Crisis Unit. Our mission continues as we have new orders placed for DPI materials and we are still waiting for new machineries to come in. Every intervention is done also in collaboration with the institutions, as we are continuously in touch in order to coordinate our help based on the numerous requests that we keep on receiving.

As you know the most vulnerable sector of the population is always on Specchio’s mind. We started by helping 150 elderly by delivering grocery bags filled with primary necessity goods. This makes sure that these people, that are more at risk to be infected by the virus, are kept safe in their homes. Now we have reached over 4000 seniors, covering the over 80 age range. This means that we can deliver up to 200 bags a day. An enormous goal that has been reached thanks to your help. Hoping that our children will be able to be back in school we are still supplying sanitizing kits to the ones in need. Up to today we have sanitized 150 schools.


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