Specchio dei tempi Five thousand donations for Ukraine: the collection continues
21 March 2022

Five thousand donations for Ukraine: the collection continues

Angelo Conti

More than 5,000 donations have been made to Specchio dei tempi and Specchio d’Italia for immediate aid to refugees fleeing the bombs. At the same time, the total amount of resources has exceeded 1.1 million euro. Yesterday we also exceeded the quota of 200 families helped with an economic contribution (yesterday alone there were 60 in Novara) and the quota of 600 people transported to Italy by coach and minibus. More than 100 tonnes of goods were transferred from Italy to the borders.


A village in Ukraine to host 1,800 refugees

All activities are underway and these numbers are all set to increase in the coming hours. On the front line, that is, in the war zone, Specchio dei tempi and Specchio d’Italia are active in setting up the “Specchio Village” in Cernivci, 30 kilometres from the Ukrainian border at Siret in Romania. Here we have signed an agreement with the Ukrainian municipality, which has granted us the use of a school (equipped with an air-raid shelter) and made available two squares for the assembly of tensile structures of about 1500 square metres that will house first reception areas, kitchens and clinics to help the refugees.

The village close to Romanian border

All this is possible thanks to the strong agreement with Remar Spain, the non-profit organisation that has been collaborating with Specchio dei tempi for years and that takes care of the logistics of these interventions.

Shuttles and humanitarian aids

Meanwhile, the shuttle service between Italy and the borders continues. Yesterday, a couple of taxi drivers departed from Milan, accompanied by an interpreter, to reach Oradea in Romania with a bus uttles and humanitarian aidloaded with aid and then return with two Ukrainian families.  The coach that left on Tuesday for Medyka in Poland and the 66-seater coach that left on Wednesday from Fossano for Romania are still on their way. A truckload of aid, with a nurse on board, is on its way to Poland.

Donate Now

The collection of foodstuffs, mineral water, pillows, blankets and personal care items continues. In this context, by Sunday Acqua Sant’Anna will supply thousands of bottles, which will be sent to the borders on Monday, while RoverAir will donate thousands of shampoo packs. They will be stored in Fossano, in the warehouse made available by Confartigianato Cuneo, and in Turin to continue towards Cernivci in the first days of next week.

Humanitarian aids leaving for Ukraine

How to help the people of Ukraine

If you want to help the Ukrainian people you can donate by clicking here, with a credit card or Paypal. Or you can pay by bank transfer to the account in the name of Fondazione La Stampa – Specchio dei tempi ONLUS, via Lugaro 15 – 10126 Torino, IBAN: IT67 L0306909 6061 0000 0117 200, Banca Intesa Sanpaolo. In the reason for payment: “For the people of Ukraine”. All payments, except those in cash, are tax deductible.


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