Specchio dei tempi Global Giving donates 25 thousand dollars for Ukraine
14 March 2022

Global Giving donates 25 thousand dollars for Ukraine

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Federico De Andrea

Two weeks of heavy work, 4000 donations and more than 920,000 Euro collected.

This is not only an extraordinary show of charity by readers of La Stampa, and Italians in general, and a resolved demonstration of how strong solidarity in Europe can be, but also the proof of how the whole world can feel united in facing disasters and wars.

That’s what happened on GlobalGiving, one of the most important American nonprofit organizations that allows foreign donors to give to all the nonprofits around the world. Mainly American donors contributed to the Specchio dei tempi project, in an attempt to provide Ukrainian refugees with food, supplies, medicines and shelter. After the Covid-19 emergency, where Specchio was the reference point for donations for donating in Italy from abroad, foreign donors have trusted us once again, giving more than 10 thousand euro on the platform.

Moreover, GlobalGiving’s Disaster Response Team has been our partner since the 2017 central Italy earthquake. It has sustained us during the pandemic and it has renovated its support again now, during this new emergency: Specchio dei tempi has been selected as a recipient of a 25 thousand dollar grant (around 22,800 Euro) to help our “critical work serving the people of Ukraine during this terrible time of conflict and destruction”.

This shows once more, if still needed, how solidarity is borderless and universal.

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